Legends Resort & Casino Operator Drives Excellence Through Diverse Business Expertise

A rising tide lifts all boats.

While the origins of this phrase are unclear, its meaning is not: when an economic engine brings new growth opportunities to a community, everyone wins. 


This is a fundamental belief of Cherokee Nation Businesses (CNB), the operator behind the world-class entertainment destination Legends Resort & Casino Arkansas


CNB is a diverse organization with humble beginnings. Cherokee Nation’s first business enterprise was formed in 1969 in Stilwell, Oklahoma. At the time, the organization manufactured aerospace components for Fortune 500 customers and the U.S. government. 


Today, CNB is a global company.  


The organization has more than 7,500 employees in 50 states, 26 countries and two U.S. territories. Last year, CNB generated more than $1 billion in revenue through its three core competencies; 

  • Gaming & Hospitality 
  • Federal Contracting 
  • Cultural & Economic Development 

Gaming & Hospitality 

Simply put: CNB’s hospitality arm, Cherokee Nation Entertainment, is a powerhouse. Our 10 gaming properties are unrivaled. We’ve partnered with recognizable brands such as Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill to create memorable experiences for the more than 7 million guests who walk through our casino doors each year. With concert venues, golf courses, spa services, fine dining and the best table and e-games around, we offer something for everyone. Our properties and events demonstrate that we know how to create exceptional and memorable experiences for our guests. Behind the scenes, we’ve proven that we have what it takes to operate and maintain our facilities. Whether it’s state-of-the-art security, public safety or surveillance, or a dedicated HR infrastructure to support growth, we have the resources and experience needed to build an unparalleled destination in Pope County, Arkansas. 


Federal Contracting 

A team of 32 companies with expertise across dozens of industries, CNB is a government contractor that competes on a global scale. We manage more than 1,000 projects for more than 60 federal agencies — from information technology and health to mission support and manufacturing — to create breakthroughs. Our employees have the technical skills and drive to build next-generation technologies, solve complex challenges and serve clients around the globe. And since 2012, we have been awarded nearly $5 billion in government contracts. 


How do these contracts help our country? To scratch the surface, America’s military counts on us for facility support, logistics and security. Through our state-of-the-art clinical research, we protect soldiers against infectious diseases such as Zika, malaria and dengue fever. We build base infrastructure that can thwart bombings and other terrorist attacks. And we facilitate American diplomacy through support services and staffing at consulates and embassies. Whatever the project, you will find CNB’s commitment to performance and service at its core.


Cultural & Economic Development 

The importance of preserving local culture and developing local economies simply cannot be overstated. That’s why CNB actively promotes cultural and economic development through a variety of programs and initiatives in each community we serve.


Visit Cherokee Nation – a cultural tourism effort – gives visitors opportunities to enjoy the many cultural touchstones and historically significant places of our tribe. We operate the newly-opened Cherokee National History Museum in Tahlequah, with its collection of Smithsonian-quality artifacts, as well as five other museums. Our website, VisitCherokeeNation.com, provides guests with excellent resources to plan their next trip. Last but not least, our Emmy-award winning TV show, “Osiyo: Voices of the Cherokee People” is now in its fifth season. You can watch this show, free of charge, at osiyo.tv as well as broadcast statewide in Arkansas on AETN (PBS) on Sundays at noon. 


Time and again, CNB has proven we have the strategy and business acumen to enhance economic development. CNB provided financial incentives and administrative support to help Macy’s build a $170 million fulfillment center within Cherokee Nation. We also helped bring Italian paper company Sofidel to the area, generating 300 jobs. These examples highlight our ability to ignite positive cultural and economic change through effective communication and recruitment.  


Looking to the Future

Our next great venture is Legends Resort & Casino Arkansas, a world-class entertainment destination in Pope County, Arkansas, including a luxury resort, 50,000 square foot casino, high-end sports bar and other amenities such as fine dining options, resort pool and spa. The $225 million development will also feature first-rate indoor and outdoor entertainment, as well as an RV and dog park. 


Why CNB?

With CNB as its operator, Legends Resort & Casino Arkansas will flourish. The resort destination is expected to draw more than 1 million visitors each year and our track record in the entertainment industry proves we have the experience and expertise to manage a resort of this caliber. 


Mature Corporate Support Systems

We have mature systems in place to effectively support the workforce and manage operations from day one. Our HR, IT and marketing departments are established and equipped to help with oversight. Our branding efforts demonstrate we can create brand recognition and a memorable message to help attract visitors. 

Strong Financial Backing

With $1 billion in assets and zero debt, CNB has strong financial backing for a solvent future. Our accounting and finance departments are well versed in gaming operation finance, as well as the typical regulatory and accounting controls. 


We Are Prepared to Grow

We’ve shown that we know how to grow. Our upward trajectory proves we can scale our businesses without compromising quality or service. We’ve grown from a single bingo hall to 35 companies with more than 7,500 employees across the globe. 


Complementary Skills

Our core competencies illustrate that we are well-versed in logistics, security, operations, communications, development and service. We can draw best practices from any of our business units and put our hard and soft skills to work at Legends Resort & Casino Arkansas.   


We Can Drive Progress Together 

Together, we can bring 1,000 new jobs to Pope County and billions of dollars of economic impact. With CNB, you know the impact does not end there. We will continue to support and sponsor local groups and events. We will continue to source goods and services from local businesses and vendors. We will continue to promote economic growth and job creation.

When CNB creates a rising tide in a community, everyone wins.