The Future Is Legendary for the People of Pope County

New Economic Impact Study Shows the Far-Reaching Benefits of Legends Resort & Casino Arkansas


When you look at Pope County’s future as the home of Legends Resort & Casino Arkansas, it’s easy to see the immediate economic boost a $225M development brings to the surrounding community. Now, a recent study examined the new development’s future impact through a much longer lens. Researching a wide range of factors, including employment and local vendor purchases, the study shows the future is legendary — with a 10-year impact of $3.15B generated by Legends Resort & Casino Arkansas for Pope County and surrounding communities and their residents.


Conducted by a third-party expert, Russell R. Evans, Ph.D. of the Economic Impact Group, LLC, the economic impact study shows the far-reaching benefits Legends Resort & Casino Arkansas would bring to the prosperity and quality of life for the people of Pope County. The findings mirror previous successful developments of Cherokee Nation Businesses (CNB), the operator behind the proposed Legends Resort & Casino Arkansas. CNB is a proven entertainment powerhouse known for bringing long-term economic success to the communities in which it operates.


CNB designed the Legends experience to offer “something for everyone.” And now, the estimated $3.15B economic boost further contributes to that promise. Who stands to benefit from the Legends ripple effect as it spreads throughout Pope County? All kinds of people. Neighbors, friends, employers, students, bread-winners, volunteers, first responders, and all families will feel the upswing fueled by the presence and operations of Legends Resort & Casino Arkansas in their community. Here are a few highlights.


Family members and neighbors with new jobs and income streams.

Legends Resort & Casino Arkansas projects to provide direct employment in the first year of normal operations to approximately 1,000 people. By year 10 of operations, the number of jobs supported will grow to 2,400+. CNB is committed to hiring from the local community — with the total employee income for Legends’ first 10 years projected to hit $530M.


Local businesses with new contracts, purchase orders and customers.

CNB prides itself as being a good community partner; sourcing goods and services from local vendors and businesses is a CNB best practice — and promise. Total vendor purchases from the first 10 years of operation are projected to reach $296M. In addition, the exciting destination will draw an estimated 1.1M visitors to the region, bringing new dollars from retail sales, taxes and more into the local economy.


Community members taking advantage of new services and protections.

Some of the more talked about and anticipated facilities of the new Legends Resort & Casino Arkansas include an outdoor music venue, RV & dog park, and an exciting water park that will provide endless summer fun and entertainment for local families. The new destination will also bring investments in important community facilities including a new medevac landing zone and a local law enforcement substation.


Folks who love calling Pope County home.

Everyone wants to see their community thrive with better opportunities and quality of life for their children and grandchildren. Legends Resort & Casino Arkansas has the power to bring new energy and resources to the people of Pope County through millions of dollars in taxes and development funds. Case in point: in addition to an anticipated $52.3M in taxes paid to Pope County over 10 years, Legends Resort & Casino Arkansas will contribute $18.9M to a Pope County Community Development Grant and nearly another $1M to a Russellville Economic Development Alliance. Another $38.8M economic development plan will directly benefit community organizations, fire protection groups, scholarship funds, arts associations and more. The result will be a more vibrant and safe community today — and tomorrow.


With its exciting gaming, resort amenities, bold dining venues and community attractions, Legends Resort & Casino Arkansas promises to be an asset to the community. Most of all, the world-class destination will bring lasting economic impact, enriching the lives of Pope County citizens for generations to come.